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Proverbia de Asino

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These proverbs about the Donkey (Asinus) are just one group of the large body of proverbs about donkeys in Latin! The donkey is both proverbially stupid, and he is also the embodiment of the long-suffering slave.

For more information about the donkey in Latin bestiaries, visit the Asinus in the Zoo. If you find some of the proverbs below difficult to understand, you will find some English translations at the Zoo page, along with many other proverbs!

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asinum fricat.
asellus culpat.
asino pulcher.
Ex auribus
cognoscitur asinus.
ad lapidem
non bis offendit
lapidem...eumdem: split phrase
Cibaria et virga et onus
Asinus esuriens
fustem neglegit.
Cognovit asinus
praesaepe domini sui.
Altera mens asini,
mens altera
qui regit illum.
qui: relative pronoun, agreeing with implied dative eius (parallel to asini)
gramen et baculus,
panis et scutica.
Flagellum equo
et camus asino
et virga dorso stultorum.
Qui asinum
non potest,
stratum caedit.
qui: relative pronoun, agreeing with implied subject of caedit
potest = potest caedere
Clitellam plectis,
at fuerat plectendus asellus.
Qui caret asino,
clitellam ne quaerat.
qui: relative pronoun, agreeing with implied subject of quaerat
quaerat: subjunctive with ne
segni impone asello.
Asinus balneatoris
numquam particeps balnei.
Qui lavat asinum,
perdit aquam et saponem.
qui: relative pronoun, agreeing with implied subject of perdit
Asini caput
ne laves nitro.
laves: subjunctive with ne
quo nascitur,
asinus corio morietur.
quo: relative pronoun, agreeing with corio in gender and number (in quo corio)
corio = in corio
Sepultura asini
septultura: ablative


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