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Proverbia de Asinis et Ceteris Bestiis

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These proverbs are all about the Donkey (Asinus) in comparison with other animals, such as the ox, the horse, etc.

For more information about the donkey in Latin bestiaries, visit the Asinus in the Zoo. If you find some of the proverbs below difficult to understand, you will find some English translations at the Zoo page, along with many other proverbs!

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Non arabis in bove
simul et asino.
asino = in asino
asino non iunges.
Si bovem non possis,
asinum agas.

possis: subjunctive with si

agas: subjunctive as imperative

O tempora tetra,
non boves
sed asini arant!
tetra = taetra
A bove ante,
ab asino retro,
a muliere undique
Ab equis
ad asinos
transeunt stulti.
Ab asinis
ad boves.
Si deficit equus,
lassus conscendit asellum.
lassus = lassus homo
Asini cauda
non facit cribrum.
Note: Sieves were made with fine horsehair, not the coarse hair of a donkey.
sub freno currere
currere: complementary infinitive with doces
Asini lanam quaeris.  
Asinum tondes.  
Cani das paleas,
asino ossa.
vel scabiosa,
complurimum asinorum
gestat onera.


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