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The following is a list of the different types of stories available in the Legenda section of the website - there are stories from the Physiologus and other Latin bestiaries, along with Aesopic fables in verse and prose, plus other animal stories taken from various medieval Latin sources. If you are looking for a story about a particular animal, or animal proverbs, visit the Zoo!

There is an audio CD available for download from which contains thirty of the stories read out loud. Listening to audio is a great way to practice your Latin, and also to learn about Latin poetry.

In addition, there are some stories here at the website which have audio available. So where you see the play icon or the CD icon , that means audio is available for a particular story, either here at the website or on the CD.

Texts from the Latin bestiaries:

  1. Antalops
  2. Aquila
  3. Aquila (Theobaldus)
  4. Araneus (Theobaldus)
  5. Bonnacon
  6. Castor
  7. Eale
  8. Elephas
  9. Elephas et Mandragora
  10. Elephas et Venator
  11. Ericius
  12. Ibex
  13. Leo
  14. Panthera
  15. Panther (Theobaldus)
  16. Pelicanus
  17. Simia
  18. Tigris
  19. Tigris (Pliny)
  20. Vipera
  21. Vulpes

Proverbs about the animals:

  1. De Accipitre
  2. De Agnis
  3. De Anguilla
  4. De Apro
  5. De Apibus
  6. De Aquila
  7. De Aquila et Ceteribus Avibus
  8. De Araneis
  9. De Arietibus et Ovibus
  10. De Asinis et Ceteris Bestiis
  11. De Asinis in Fabulis
  12. De Asino
  13. De Asino Stulto
  14. De Bove
  15. De Bove et Agricola
  16. De Bovis Cornibus et Corio
  17. De Bovis Labore
  18. De Bubone
  19. De Camelo
  20. De Capra
  21. De Cervis
  22. De Cicadis et Vespis
  23. De Hirco
  24. De Iuvencis et Bubus
  25. De Lupis et Ovibus
  26. De Ovibus
  27. De Pastoribus et Ovibus

Texts from the Aesop tradition:

  1. Agnus et Capra
  2. Agnus et Capra (rhymed Romulus )
  3. Agnus et Lupus
  4. Amici et Ursa (Avianus)
  5. Asinus et Canis
  6. Canis et Umbra
  7. Cassita
  8. Ciconia et Cattus
  9. Ciconia et Corvus
  10. Columbae et Dux
  11. Fallax et Verax et Simiae
  12. Femina et Coluber
  13. Leo et Equus (rhymed Romulus)
  14. Leo et Pastor
  15. Leo et Mus
  16. Lepores et Ranae
  17. Lupus et Pisces
  18. Mures Duo
  19. Ovis et Canis
  20. Vulpes et Aquila
  21. Vulpes et Corvus

Texts included on the Audio CD, volume 1:

  1. Asinus et Isis (Caspar)
  2. Aves et Pius (rhymed Romulus)
  3. Camelus (Avianus)
  4. Canis et Crocodillus (Phaedrus)
  5. Canes et Corium (Phaedrus)
  6. Capella et Leo (Avianus)
  7. Castor (Phaedrus)
  8. Ciconia et Grues (Caspar)
  9. Cornix et Urna (Avianus)
  10. Equus et Homo (Nequam)
  11. Haedus et Lupus (Walter)
  12. Homo et Coluber (Walter )
  13. Leo et Socii (rhymed Romulus)
  14. Lepores et Ranae (rhymed Romulus)
  15. Lupus et Agnus (metrical Romulus)
  16. Leo et Pastor (rhymed Romulus)
  17. Mus et Rana (rhymed Romulus)
  18. Musca et Mula (Walter)
  19. Piscator (Avianus)
  20. Rana et Bos (Walter)
  21. Ranae et Sol (Caspar)
  22. Ranae et Rex (Caspar)
  23. Stultus et Muli (Nequam)
  24. Taurus et Hircus (Avianus)
  25. Vespertilio (Nequam)
  26. Vulpes et Aquila (metrical Romulus)
  27. Vulpes et Ciconia (Walter)
  28. Vulpes et Hircus (Phaedrus)
  29. Vulpes et Uva (Caspar)
  30. Vulpes et Uva (Phaedrus)

Stories taken from other medieval animal tales:

  1. Camelus et Leo
  2. Cignus et Cancer
  3. Cignus et Mustela
  4. Corvus et Serpens
  5. Homo et Unicornis
  6. Lepus Claudicans
  7. Lepus et Leo
  8. Philippus et Draco
  9. Serpens Alligatus
  10. Serpens et Bufo

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