Study Guide: PROVERBIA DE BOVE. Print this page, and check off each item in order as you complete it.

____    Materials: Assemble your materials! You will need: paper, pen or pencil, and a Latin dictionary.
____    Browser: Have the Legendum open in one window, and another window for the Perseus tools.
____    Background: Read the information in the yellow box on the Legendum webpage, and click on links that interest you. It's good to read some English materials first, before trying the Latin!

____    Reading Segmented Text Aloud (1): Read through the story very slowly, looking at the segmented text online. Do not worry about how much you do or do not understand at this point - just make sure you read VERY slowly, pausing at the end of each line in the segmented text, and taking an even bigger pause between each chunk of text in the table.
____    Copying the Segmented Text: Copy the segmented text by hand onto a piece of paper. Copying is a great way to start learning the words! You will have space for notes on the right-hand side of this paper. READ ALOUD AS YOU COPY.

____    Reading for Comprehension (1): Now read through the segmented text again, using the grammar hints at the Legenda webpage. Look up words you do not know - write down the form, write down your best guess at the dictionary form, and then look it up. Jot down the English meaning(s) that seem to fit, and correct the dictionary form if you guessed wrong about that. Put a checkmark next to the segments you feel confident about. If you are not confident, put a question mark.
____    Reading for Comprehension (2): Read through the passage again. If you are having trouble with a particular segment, look up each word in the segment in the dictionary carefully. Use the Perseus Morphology tool to figure out possible forms of the words. Still stuck? Visit the "Questions? Comments? Suggestions?" link to see if someone has had the same problem - or you can post a question there yourself.

____    Reading Segmented Text Aloud (2): Don't worry if there are patches of the story that are not 100% clear to you. That is natural with any foreign language! The goal is to have a good, general comprehension of the story. Read through the segmented text out loud again, very slowly, using pauses and intonation to bring out the meaning of the passage based on your overall understanding.

____    Vocabulary Flash Cards: Choose at least some words you looked up to add to your flash cards (Vis-Ed cards are great! 1000 blank cards for $6 at Write out the flash cards and drill with them to reinforce what you have learned.
____    Quotes Diary: Keep a Latin quotes diary! Buy a nice journal or notebook and add Latin quotes to it, based on the phrases and sentences you like best in each reading.
____    Archive: Staple your workpages to this Guide and save it. Then come back to this story at a later date and read it again (and again and again), using your old workpages to review.