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Bestiaria Latina audio CD, volume 1: Latin Animal Fables

Audio at lulu. You will find the following mp3 audio tracks compiled for download at It is a collection of 30 different Latin fables in verse, in a variety of poetic meters: dactylic hexameter, elegiac couplets, iambic meters, as well as Sapphic stanzas and medieval Goliardic stanzas. You can find the texts of the individual poems, along with grammar notes and study guides, by clicking on the links below. Click here to get the audio from

The CD contains:

  1. Vulpes et Uva (Caspar - dactylic hexameter)
  2. Vulpes et Aquila (metrical Romulus - dactylic hexameter)
  3. Lupus et Agnus (metrical Romulus - dactylic hexameter)
  4. Camelus et Iupiter (Avianus - elegiac couplets)
  5. Piscator et Piscis (Avianus - elegiac couplets)
  6. Taurus et Hircus (Avianus - elegiac couplets)
  7. Capella et Leo (Avianus - elegiac couplets)
  8. Cornix et Urna (Avianus - elegiac couplets)
  9. Homo et Coluber (Walter - elegiac couplets)
  10. Musca et Mula (Walter - elegiac couplets)
  11. Haedus et Lupus (Walter - elegiac couplets)
  12. Vulpes et Ciconia (Walter - elegiac couplets)
  13. Rana et Bos (Walter - elegiac couplets)
  14. Vespertilio (Nequam - elegiac couplets)
  15. Equus et Homo (Nequam - elegiac couplets)
  16. Stultus et Muli (Nequam - elegiac couplets)
  17. Canis et Corcodillus (Phaedrus - iambic)
  18. Canes et Corium (Phaedrus - iambic)
  19. Vulpes et Uva (Phaedrus - iambic)
  20. Vulpes et Hircus (Phaedrus - iambic)
  21. Castor (Phaedrus - iambic)
  22. Ciconia et Grues (Caspar - iambic)
  23. Ranae et Sol (Caspar - Sapphic)
  24. Ranae et Rex (Caspar - Sapphic)
  25. Asinus et Isis (Caspar - Sapphic)
  26. Aves et Pius (rhymed Romulus: Goliardic)
  27. Lepores et Ranae (rhymed Romulus: Goliardic)
  28. Mus et Rana (rhymed Romulus: Goliardic)
  29. Leo et Pastor (rhymed Romulus: Goliardic)
  30. Leo et Socii (rhymed Romulus: Goliardic)


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